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03 Dec, 2019, by

Suport district sports compitation on Disabled week. More than 300 special children received tiffin box as a return gift. Students were so happy during receiving colorfull tiffin box. Read more...

12 Nov, 2019, by

With Andhashradha Nirmulan we awair studants regarding disaddvanteges of crackers. we also distibuited pamplates to studants Read more...

08 Aug, 2019, by

Because of heavy rain Kane village coverd with full of water. Some villagers also lost their houses. in this difficult situation we cook food in their community hall and call all villagers for dinner. Read more...

04 Aug, 2019, by

Train was delayed for a long time due to landslide and passengers was very hungry and thirsty with no option. so one rotarian passenger called and asked for help and within 10 minutes 35 rotary famil Read more...